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The honey of organic bee, has its origin thanks to the nectar collected by the bees that come from flowers that were not exposed to chemical or synthetic treatments. The hives are found in places with wild flora. This honey is not subjected to high temperatures for packaging, so it retains its nutritional and medicinal properties.



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Zapopan , Jalisco, México

  • Empresa Comercial
  • Agriculture, food and beverages

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Visits 1258
Minimum order 12
Production capacity by pieces 20000


Food as a sweetener for food and beverages. * Cosmetological, added in creams or masks. * Antibacterial in wounds and skin infections. * Medicinal supplement; Antibiotic and to strengthen the immune system. * Prepare home remedies * Nutritional Caloric supply, vitamins and minerals. Amino acids needed for the body.

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Name   Companies VALMEN GROUP
Municipios frederick Chopin 5699, la estancia 45030. Zapopan , Jalisco. México
Registered Company 2018-09-11 19:31:51
Total employees Menos de 5 personas
Company type
  • Empresa Comercial
Economic activity
  • Agriculture, food and beverages
Description company -REFACT NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL GROWTH UNIQUE ADVERTISING COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT DILIGENCE OF RECORDS AND CERTIFICATIONS Valmen Group is a consulting agency with specialized services in the field of Value Added Agrolimentary products, services of National Representation and Marketing of products
Languages English
Certifications Kosher,Halal, Organico y BNP

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Annual sales 4.01 - $ 50 mdp
Company classification Company Exporting
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  • Estados Unidos de América
Percentage of exports
Start of exports 2018-03-19
Availability for production of other private brands Total disponibilidad