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Chiles Yahualica necklace encapsulated, its open ends of the strap allow you to choose the length of the necklace so depending on your blouse dress you can wear it in the best way



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San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, México

  • Manufactura
  • Empresa Comercial
  • Clothing, textiles and fashion accessories

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Visits 506
Minimum order 10
Production capacity by pieces 2000


Artisan Dimension 7 cm diameter light

About the company


Name   Companies BISUTERÍA YOYA
Municipios ROSALES 309-B TLAQUEPAQUE CENTRO, TLAQUEPAQUE CENTRO 45500. San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. México
Registered Company 2018-09-24 12:26:09
Total employees 5-10 personas
Company type
  • Manufactura
  • Empresa Comercial
Economic activity
  • Clothing, textiles and fashion accessories
Description company YOYA jewelery is a Mexican company created by artisan women in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. Interested in introducing its products in rest of the word, sharing Mexican culture through its traditional variety of spices such as Chile de Árbol, Amaranto and Achiote, transforming them into beautiful contemporary pieces of jewelry that enhance the natural beauty of women and harmonize their feminine essence. Demonstrating their passion for nature. YOYA´s jewelery is made with natural flowers from Elder trees, as well as Black Beans, Scented Cloves and Rice. Elaborated with a modern and casual design, becoming that special touch that every woman looks for in her daily life. YOYA´s jewelery is an original innovating product. It´s contemporary designs are created for every women that wants to feel in perfect harmony with nature.
Languages English

Commercial data

Annual sales 0 - $ 4 mdp
Company classification Company Exporting
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Availability for production of other private brands Sin disponibilidad